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Red Cloud Indian Art Show Policy and Eligibility

  • Any enrolled tribal citizen of the Native Peoples of North America including Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians and First Nations of Canada. Include Proof of Enrollment (photocopy of Tribal ID, letter from tribe, etc.) with entry form. IACA1990
  • Must be 18 years or older by the first day of the Art Show.
  • All works must be original and must have been produced by a living artist within the past two years.
  • All artwork must be for sale.

  • If you intend to enter artwork in this show please let us know by call, letter or email before May 3, 2024, how many works you intend to enter and in what division(s). This is a courtesy for the museum staff, not a requirement
  • Artwork must be at Maȟpíya Luta campus or postmarked by 5:00 PM Mountain Time Friday, May 10, 2024.
  • NO works will be accepted after this time.

  • All works in the two-dimensional works must be gallery ready (matted and/or framed). No glass please, plexiglas preferred. Hanging hardware will be attached by museum personnel.
  • Works that do not meet these requirements will be included in the show, but The Heritage Center assumes no responsibility for damage due to improper preparation.
  • If artwork is not assigned to a division, museum staff will place artwork in the division of the dominant art form.
  • If artwork is mislabeled to a division, museum staff will reassign artwork to proper division.

  • A fee of 20% of the selling price of each piece will be collected by The Heritage Center to defer shipping and exhibit costs. The artist’s price should reflect this fee.
  • The Heritage Center will pay the artist’s listed sales price less 20% for purchases from the Art Show unless another specific agreement is reached with an individual artist about a specific piece.
  • If, in the judgment of the jurors, any entry has been purposely raised in price to avoid sale, it shall be rejected. 
  • All works must remain on exhibit until the end of the Art Show.

  • The Heritage Center reserves the right to define an appropriate insurance value with the artist. 
  • The Art Show ends August 11, 2024 at 5pm. Artwork can be picked up starting August 12, 2024 at 9am.
  • All works included in the Art Show will be insured through September 13, 2024. Please make every effort to pick up your work before this date. The Heritage Center shall not be held responsible for loss, theft or damage to any artwork after this date. 
  • A written authorization must be presented by anyone other than the artist when picking up artwork.
  • If you cannot pick up on time please call the Curator at (605) 867-5491 ext 2249 to make other arrangements.
  • Artworks that remain at The Heritage Center after November 14, 2024 will become the property of The Heritage Center.

You agreed to pay all SHIPPING CHARGES to The Heritage Center and return shipping if your work does not sell.


The Heritage Center will not accept any work deemed culturally sensitive, such as ceremonial objects. Any and all materials from protected species must comply with all current laws and regulations of State and Federal agencies.


The Heritage Center will be providing an artist directory for Heritage Center in-person and online visitors. The artist directory is an in-house publication that provides visitors with contact information for participating artists. This includes: email, websites, social media handles. Mailing addresses and personal phone numbers are not advertised. If you DO NOT wish for your contact information to be listed in the artist directory please indicate that when signing the entry form


The Heritage Center reserves the right to photograph any or all works submitted for this exhibit, for publicity (via website and/or The Heritage Center’s social media sites) and/or educational purposes. Images used for any of the mentioned purposes will be retained in The Heritage Center’s archives. Digital images are set to 150dpi and a pixel range of 500-1500.