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Art At Home with The Heritage Center

Gallery tours and visits from artists for at-home activities.

Autumn White Eyes – Persona Poem

Poet and visual artist Autumn White Eyes leads us through writing our own persona poems responding to the ideas that artwork bring to mind.

Molina Parker’s Daisy Chain

Molina Parker makes a daisy chain bracelet for her daughter.

Henry Payer – Artist Demo

Join Henry Payer in this demonstration of his process for making art!

Henry Payer – Paper NDN

Henry Payer discusses his 2008 artwork, Paper NDN. Try the project using cardboard, marker, & wire!

Henry Payer -Q&A

We ask Henry Payer a bunch of questions about art making!

Mikayla Patton insp sculpture

Engineer a paper/cardboard sculpture inspired by Mikayla Patton’s ‘Tipi’

Chair Weaving

Transform a chair into a loom and make your own weaving inspired by a Diné rug in The Heritage Center’s collection.

Hannah Coley Observing Blessing

Hannah Coley leads us through writing about observations of the world around us, inspired by Elmer Yazzi’s “Blessing” 2001.

Aaron Lerner Haiku

Don Montileaux Drawing