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Our Vision, Mission, and Values

In 2022, The Heritage Center, along with several stakeholders, embarked on an extensive strategic planning process. The primary objective was to review and enhance our vision, mission, and values statement, with a strong focus on better serving the Native Artists we collaborate with and catering to those who cherish Native art!

Ensure that the promise of Native peoples and their communities is realized by embracing, strengthening, and celebrating their cultural identity.

The Heritage Center at Maȟpíya Lúta, a Catholic (Jesuit) mission in service to the Lakȟóta people on the Pine Ridge Reservation, honors, celebrates, and strengthens a thriving Oglala Lakȟóta culture through the arts.


  • Trustworthy, by listening and communicating directly and honestly and carrying out our mission in a transparent manner
  • Welcoming, by being receptive and open to all ideas, by inviting all people to our programs with a spirit of generosity, and by creating a safe space for artists and community members to explore and experiment
  • Respectful, of the individual voices of artists and community members alike, offering opportunities for people to reach their full potential
  • Enthusiastic, by celebrating traditional and contemporary artists of all disciplines and levels of accomplishment
  • Reliable, by carrying out our work in a professional manner, engaging others to work together in partnership, and fulfilling our commitments
  • Helpful, by creating opportunities that will strengthen and improve our communities’ wellbeing